dogra culture videovideo

Incredible Song & Video – Dikhi Lai Dogra Des

Who else, but the last Prince of Dogra dynasty, Dr Karan Singh, could sing better praises of our Duggar des? And to match the sweetness...
about pat Mela bhadarwahvideo

About “Mela Patt” of Bhadarwah remembers meeting between King Akbar & King of Bhadarwah

Bhaderwah is a region of fairs and festivals in Jammu . Its fairs and festivals have profoundly enriched the culture of the people. Mela...
kikki jammu challangevideo

Two Men Caught Doing ‘Kiki Challenge’ In Jammu

Drake's Kiki challenge has caught the internet by the storm these days. As the challenge spreads across the country, it is landing people in...
Love poem dogrivideo

Dogri Poem: What happens when a lover files an RTI? Watch this video

We found the video by Jogesh reciting dogri poem on his Facebook profile for his beloved Here is what the post says: Main payi RTI te aaye samne keyin...
gucchi jammu kashmirvideo

About Most Expensive Mushroom from Jammu & Kashmir

When comes to mind the delicacy of wild edible mushrooms, the name of Gucchhi which are also called morchella esculenta immediately comes into the mind...
ranbireshwar temple video

See Ranbireshwar temple like never before

Although the Ranbireshwar Temple needs no introduction, yet let us introduce it for those who don’t know. Built by Maharaja Ranbir Singh, the temple...
dogri rap poem

Jabb and Rabb; a Dogri rap

Each day we pass through highs and lows in life. What makes one person different from other is the way they handle these situations....
video amazing jammuvideo

Video Showcasing Different Facets Of Jammu

An amazing video has emerged on Facebook posted by Arunesh Shan showing glimpses of a couple of tourist attractions near Jammu. The caption of the video says Visuals...
72 years old man marriage with 22 years girl at yoginala near sunderbani

Marriage against all Odds by a 22 year old young girl marrying a 70...

These days, a "viral video" is the hottest thing on the internet. Everyone wants a viral video. Recently a video has gone viral over the internet where  an old...

Watch Video: Purmandal – Mini Kashi of Jammu

In an earlier article, Jammu Virasat told you the story of river Devika, the sister of river Ganga and its significance. Today, we shall...

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