In Focus, a collection of special series of Opinions, Trends and stories from Jammu, known and unknown; culture and heritage, unraveling the places and faces behind political struggles, myths and mysticism, literature and folklore, monuments, cuisine and soulful poetry in detail through a series of regular articles for a set period of time. Here are the first set of In Focus series among many more to come!

About Jammu & Kashmir State Marriage Assistance Scheme

About Jammu & Kashmir State Marriage Assistance Scheme

Jammu & Kashmir government has a provision to financially assist marriages of poor girls of the state. A scheme called theState Marriage Assistance Scheme...
From Jammu to Antarctica Read more at: Copyright © Jammu Links News

Jammu boy to be part of expedition to Antarctica

Born and brought up in Jammu, Ankush Magotra is all set to participate in the forthcoming 37th Indian  Scientific Expedition to Antarctica (ISEA).He will...
stone pelter to captain football jammu kashmir

“Stone-pelting Kashmiri” girl now goal keeper and captain of Jammu & Kashmir football team

As a disgruntled student, Afshan Ashiq led other girls in throwing stones at the police on Srinagar streets. On Tuesday, the captain of Jammu...
Dogra and kashmir pandit

“Mujhe mat na bolo Tum” vs “ Mahaa jarra remote fadayo”

In the year 1990 when Kashmiri Pandits migrated to Jammu, there was a culture clash between the Dogras and the Pandits but somehow they...
about Radio Kashmir Jammu

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Radio Kashmir Jammu – That Completes 70 Years

This December, the Radio Kashmir Jammu turned 70 years old. Starting on December 1, 1947, it was set up to counter virulent anti-India propaganda...
Electricity first time in Jammu Kashmir village

People SEE electricity for the first time in this JK village

Although India has been independent for more than 70 years now yet there is a long way to go before we call ourselves a...
small mistake helath jammu

Health Minister pregnant or not?

Former CM Omar Abdullah could arguably be considered as the most popular tweeter of Jammu & Kashmir. He is quick to give a lot...
AIDS stats Jammu Kashmir

World Aids Day: State has 4,300 HIV-positive patients

* Jammu and Kashmir has over 4,300 patients, including 131 orphans and 225 widows, have been tested HIV positive in the state so far. *Jammu, having...
Jammu to go bananas with this news

Jammu to go bananas with this news

In order to bring commercial cultivation of banana in Jammu and Kashmir, the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research-Indian Institute of Integrative Medicine (IIIM),...
the peoples man Girdhari Lal Dogra

All that you need to know about Girdhari Lal Dogra Saheb

A khadi clad man with superior height and striking good looks and yet, a picture of calm and composure – Girdhari Lal Dogra was...

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