In Focus, a collection of special series of Opinions, Trends and stories from Jammu, known and unknown; culture and heritage, unraveling the places and faces behind political struggles, myths and mysticism, literature and folklore, monuments, cuisine and soulful poetry in detail through a series of regular articles for a set period of time. Here are the first set of In Focus series among many more to come!

diwali jammu dogra

Do you know about the traditional way of celebrating Diwali in our Duggar pradesh?

Diwali is also known as Deepavali or Divali and is a Hindu festival symbolising the victory of light over darkness, good over evil and...
play ground jammu sports

How much sports infrastructure is needed in Jammu & Kashmir

According to a report by the State Sports Council, Jammu and Kashmir needs 2500 play fields for its 1.21 crore population to harness...
Kameshwar temple akhnoor

About 5000-year-old Kameshwar Temple In Akhnoor

Jammu division is a place of temples, Kameshwar Temple located in Akhnoor is believed to be about 5500 year old and belongs to the era...
swachh-mission-ambassador Udhampur

Age is just a number for 87-Year-Old woman from Udhampur to Build Toilet

Age is just a number and numbers don’t make a man, spirit does! It has been proved by Ms Rakkhi from village Badali of...
Yuvraj Vikramaditya Singh Jammu

Royal Act of Vikramaditya Singh

Written By: Abhishek Khajuria Yuvraj Vikramaditya Singh, grandson of Maharaja Hari Singh has resigned from party membership of PDP as well as from the Legislative Council. The...
17 Dogras Indian Army

Dogra Regiment

The Dogra Regiment is an infantry unit of the Indian Army, formerly the 17th Dogra Regiment when part of the British Indian Army. The regiment...
Pugga vrat jammu dogra

Why Women of Duggar are observing Pugga Vrat?

Today women of Duggar are observing a traditional Dogra fast called as Pugga Vrat. The fast is observed on the fourth day of Krishna...
Super specialty hospital Jammu

Speciality of Super Speciality Hospital Jammu: No Emergency Ward

The Super Speciality Hospital of Jammu was started five years back to provide high tech medical facilities to Jammu city. The 240-bed SSH certainly...

No check on illegal settlers, syndicates aiding crime

Begging has reached an alarming level in Jammu but the district administration seems to be in a slumber as it has failed to crack...
Rohingya reject UNHCR proposal to leave Jammu

Rohingyas are settled at 39 locations in Jammu

The Rohingya intruders are settled at as many as 39 locations, mostly in Jammu and Samba. Their number is increasing by the day. According...

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